ABC (anything but Chardonnay)…Really?

I have been enjoying the pairing of fine wines with carefully and lovingly prepared foods for more than half my life. I have therefore established my pallet, my favorites, the foods that I absolutely love and foods that, well, get me through the day( a tuna sandwich, a slice a pizza, an apple, etc.) It is hard for me to think of a food that I “hate” with the possible exception of liver!

When it comes to wine, I honestly feel that they are all good, especially when properly paired with a meal. I can’t think of one wine I would put in the “liver” category! Talking about food and wine is an enjoyable topic with friends and family. I am surprised when someone tells me they hate Chardonnay. I just don’t understand that line of thought. I know that if I had the time, patience, and extra money to provide them with a tasting of the great Chardonnay’s from all over the world, they would realize that they don’t “hate” it at all! I guess I will have to work on that! But, I have to admit to something, I’ve even had liver served to me at very fine restaurants that I enjoyed! Who knew?