Beach and travel wines

Beach and travel wines

We will be at a convention next week staying in a hotel where bringing you own wine is not the easiest thing.

A perfect solution for this, is the lovely boxed wines which are so easy and unobtrusive to bring along and offer so many benefits, such as:

No glass to break or be restricted.
Long shelf life even after opening.
Very economical.
No disposable/recycling issues.
etc, etc, etc…

Our chapter usually hosts a welcome party and I plan to take three, 3 liter boxes (equivalent to a standard case of 12, 750ml bottles, but weighing far less and being much more compact) as follows: Ros̩ from France, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz blend Рboth from South Africa and proven winners!

Have a great summer everyone!