The Seasons of Wine

30. January 2016 Food, Wine 0

I enjoy living in New York. The changing seasons  makes for an opportunity to enjoy different styles of food and of course, wines. Every so often, Mother Nature takes hold, and makes you stay in. Two feet of snow came last weekend and we did just that. We had provisions, even a nice meal planned, we were good to go. Oh, wait a minute, I hadn’t chosen the wine to go with our braised short ribs .

I didn’t panic, while I do not keep a proper cellar with a large inventory of wine I almost always have a few bottles of red and white lying around. I thought, please let there be a decent bottle of red  in the cabinet! I had but one bottle of red left, a Saint Cosme Cote du Rhone. Now, had I had the chance, I’m sure I would have purchased a more expensive wine but alas, this was it! The Cote du Rhone performed like a champ! I remembered when buying it thinking it was a good value but wow, I was impressed!