Weird Wine Party…. The Solution to Wine Ennui

You’re standing in front of your refrigerator, full of groceries, and thinking, “there is nothing I want to eat.”  Jaded…. a feeling that can also creep up on the lifelong wine enthusiast or wine professional.  A restaurant wine list full of Cali Cabs and the French Sauvignon Blancs, all amazing of course, just doesn’t get you fired up like it used to.  Sometimes the antsy palate needs an eye-opener.

I admit, I was feeling a little wine weary, so in December I threw a Weird Wine party and perked up the palates of both wine newbies and other industry professionals.  We kicked off with a sparkling rosé wine, methode champenoise, a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  Seemed normal enough.  These bubbles, however, were from Tasmania, a cool climate island off the southern coast of Australia known for its sparkling wine industry.  The Tasmania reveal immediately caught all the guests’ attention… all of our juices were flowing.

We popped several grapes not one attendee had experienced: Mtsvane from Georgia, (the country, not the state), a Spanish Treixadura, and Fer Servadou from Southwestern France.  The party favorite was a Syrah, a grape we’re all comfortable with, from Morocco!  The winemaker, a famous Rhone producer, had been cycling through the Moroccan viticultural area and as fate led him, started to produce wine in the North African country.

In any Weird Wine party, you are guaranteed a miss.  After hearing the buzz for years, we all finally tasted an orange wine, style of wine made from white grapes that have spent some maceration time in contact with the grape skins, giving the wine an orange color.  This bottle from Croatia, a blend of Chardonnay and the local Malvasia Istriana, only inspired shriveled noses and confused looks.  We all agree, though: a weird wine party miss is not a failure, but a good experience for the curious palate!

We’re here at Vintology to help you with your weird wine party… perhaps a Hungarian Furmint?

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